3 Questions with Dr. Greg Davis, MD, FASCP

Jun 13, 2023, 00:06 AM by Team Critical Values

As a chemistry major at Vanderbilt University, Greg Davis, MD, FASCP, liked working in the laboratory. He found the pathologists who taught his medical school courses to be impressive physicians, and he aspired to become like them. Now, as a professor of pathology and director of the forensic pathology division at University of Alabama Medical Center, Dr. Davis is working toward inspiring the next generation of individuals to choose laboratory medicine and make this field their career. Here, he answers three questions for Critical Values about his involvement with ASCP, lessons learned, and his hopeful legacy.  

How did you first get involved with ASCP? What (or perhaps who) pushed you to become a volunteer? 

I started by writing exercises for ASCP Case Reports (known as CheckSample at the time).  Chuck Wetli encouraged me to continue writing, and in time I became a section editor for the forensic pathology series.  

What are some of the lessons you've learned through the different volunteer roles you’ve taken on, in or out of ASCP?  

Everyone is capable of contributing to improving the practice of laboratory medicine and pathology. When individuals pour their passion for patient care through the filter of their unique personalities then others cannot help but take notice and respond.   

What do you hope to leave as your legacy in the laboratory?  

I hope to pass along the conviction that my teachers had that pathology and laboratory medicine are important disciplines worthy of a lifetime of practice. My teachers made certain that they were a visible presence for the good of pathology. Most of my classmates did not become pathologists, but every one of my classmates graduated knowing that pathology is an essential component of excellent clinical care. I hope everyone practicing laboratory medicine now will have and transmit to others that conviction of the importance of our work.