ASCP Roundtable Series Lets Members Explore ‘Hot Topics’ and Share Ideas

By Susan Montgomery - November 01, 2023

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Editor's note: This article originally appeared on ASCP News

The ASCP Member Councils have launched a series of engaging, hot topic 60-minute roundtables in a virtual environment. The roundtable series is one of the unique benefits available to ASCP members and is designed to foster learning and networking among ASCP members who share an interest in each topic. 

The roundtables are developed and hosted by one of the ASCP Member Councils—the Resident Council, the Council of Laboratory Professionals, the Pathologist Council, and the Council of Laboratory Management & Administration. Each Member Council has hand-selected the topics based on member feedback and they are assembling industry experts to be participants based on the topic for the roundtable.

“Roundtables are an engaging way to bring together ASCP members from all laboratory professions in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss topics or challenges that are important to our daily work, or our professional development and advancement,” says Diana Kremitske, MHA, MS, MT(ASCP), Chair of the ASCP Commission on Membership.

“Another valuable aspect of having ongoing roundtable opportunities is that they foster a sense of community and place where you can ask questions, obtain valuable input from peers who have experience with the topic or who might have an insightful, different perspective,” she says.

ASCP members will receive invitations via email. While these roundtables are free, they are ASCP member-only events and registration will be required.

Ms. Kremitske believes the roundtables will also be highly productive for seasoned pathologists as well as laboratory professionals in a variety of occupations.

“Often, hot topics cross boundaries in the laboratory and require diversity of thought to reach optimal solutions,” she says. “The dialogue that occurs at a roundtable will certainly be enriched by participation and sharing by those who participate. We hope to see many members accept the invitation to the upcoming series. The ASCP Commission on Membership is very excited about the roundtable series that will support our members on topics that are most important to them and to help provide additional value to members brought about through this collaborative, discussion format.”

Susan Montgomery

ASCP communications writer