Donate Your Equipment, Help Others in Need

By ASCP Center for Global Health - November 16, 2022


Three critical components influence long-term cancer survival: access, diagnosis, and treatment. The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) is leading an initiative to collect donated anatomic pathology equipment for laboratories in its partner countries, including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, among others. The intent is to aid cancer diagnosis in these areas with superior, high-quality histology.

Diagnostic tools are crucial to making an accurate diagnosis and prescribing the correct treatment. As such, access to adequate pathology equipment can make the difference between life and death. ASCP’s current wish list includes the following: automated tissue processors, semiautomatic microtomes, embedding stations, slide staining racks/autostainer, grossing hoods, and durable block-storage racks. By donating anatomic laboratory equipment, you’ll have the opportunity to give to those in great need. Your donation will support laboratories, clinicians, and patients and their families, by providing valuable, potentially life-saving services.

The process is simple: Submit a list of equipment you have available for donation, and ASCP will match it to the needs of a laboratory in one of its partner countries. As a donor, you must ensure that any donated equipment is in good working condition before shipment, which is coordinated by ASCP.

Your donations of laboratory equipment help in the fight against cancer, and for those laboratories in need of these resources, these donations help them continue or even expand their clinical services, as well as provide the opportunity for valuable training that would not occur otherwise.

All donated equipment is acknowledged by a letter from ASCP (a 501(c)(3)). For more information, visit .

cv_january_2018_donate_your_equipment_2Examples of equipment needed for donation include (top) rotary bucket processor, (middle) vacuum-type processors, (bottom) microtomes and water baths.

Come Make a Difference With Us
Experienced educator in laboratory science? Molecular laboratory expert with a flexible schedule? Willing to spend one or two weeks working in resource-limited countries? ASCP needs you! Since 2008, ASCP has supported efforts to improve pre-service curricula for medical technology schools in Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Vietnam. ASCP needs experienced educators to develop curricula and train faculty at medical technology schools in resource-limited countries.

ASCP is also working with partners to expand access to routine HIV viral load testing. We are looking for skilled molecular laboratory scientists with experience conducting quantitative molecular testing for HIV and expert knowledge in troubleshooting various testing platforms.

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Be Part of the Solution
Volunteer as a telepathologist and share your unique expertise with clinicians around the globe.

Through the placement of cloud-based digital pathology systems in target countries, ASCP can assist local medical staff in obtaining rapid, accurate diagnoses for the countries’ populations, using teams of 15 volunteers (across specialties) per country. This initiative will benefit efforts to promote earlier diagnosis and appropriate oncology treatment to provide both palliative and curative care.

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