ICYMI: Around the Journals May 2021

By Molly Strzelecki - May 13, 2021


AJCP and Lab Medicine journals publish original research, case studies, and more that is important to pathology and laboratory medicine.

Here are some highlights you may have missed.


Who says pathologists don’t like interacting with patients? This recent article says otherwise, with a study showing that 86 percent of pathologists surveyed would like to meet with patients.

Pathology and laboratory medicine are suffering a workforce shortage, but a new study sheds light on how to use personality preferences to improve recruitment and retention.

Education is continually evolving toward more digital offerings. Published in April, this report shows that pathology modules may improve pathology-related course content.  

In Lab Medicine….

COVID-19 wreaked havoc across all industries, and particularly in the laboratory. A new case study looks at the scientific, medical, and social challenges the pandemic has imposed upon the laboratory, and how the lab can redefine priorities to adapt to the new normal.

Job satisfaction has always been a topic of interest for pathologists and laboratory professionals, and never so much as during the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent survey reports that laboratory leadership can influence job satisfaction, lab testing management cannot fully address a lab’s needs, and more. 

Can the risk management index various laboratory parameters be influenced by interventions that change the internal quality control? A study published in September provides some answers.

Molly Strzelecki

ASCP Director of Communications + Editor of Critical Values