Management + Administration

Skills in Data Science and Analytics: The Next Frontier for the Medical Laboratory Scientist?

Tarush Kothari, Lynda Leopold, Tiffany Yu and Gaurav Sharma - November 16, 2022

2018 Report to ASCP Membership: A Year in Review

Julianne Gottlieb - October 4, 2022

Microaggressions in the Workplace

Richard A. Prayson, MD, MEd, J. Jordi Rowe, MD, and Elizabeth E. O’Toole, MD - October 4, 2022

Self-Care Considerations for Laboratory Professionals

Richard A. Prayson, J. Jordi Rowe, and Elizabeth E. O’Toole - October 3, 2022

Medical Laboratory Science Educator Survey

BOC Research and Development Committee, Patricia Tanabe, and Karen Fong - July 1, 2022